Trout Pool Rise

Trout Pool Rise


Let me start by stating that this is my own personal home. My partner and I bought the land and built a tiny house immediately, knowing that we wanted to live on the land prior to designing and building our home. We wanted to let ideas brew for a while.

The result, is a compact, 120m2 open plan home which feels nestled in the bush despite the 4 adjacent neighbours.

The home offers views over Lake Rotoiti to the South and to mature native bush through virtually every window.

Outdoor living is located to the sun filled Northern side of the house and provides protection from Southerly winds blowing across the Lake, as well as road noise from SH33. High ceilings and windows maximise all day sun and increase the volume above the modest floor area.

Trout Pool Rise was designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. The roof is constructed out of structurally insulated panels made 40 minutes away, the decking was harvested and processed within an hour of the property, the house is clad in New Zealand cedar, and the flooring is New Zealand blackwood which has also been used to craft some pieces of furniture.

Images by socialfocusnz and Southern Draught


  • Client :  Amy Tipling and Dylan Thomson
  • Location : Okere Falls